SemiDrive kicks off delivery of E3 high

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Beijing (Gasgoo)- Chinese automotive processor developer, SemiDrive, officially delivered to clients the first batch of its high-performance MCU, the E3, marking a milestone for the company’s MCU mass production. 

SemiDrive kicks off delivery of E3 high

SemiDrive kicks off delivery of E3 high-performance MCU

Photo credit: SemiDrive

Initially launched in April this year, the successful mass production and delivery of the E3 in October is ensured by SemiDrive’s efforts to overcome various challenges brought by the pandemic. The E3 has passed the rigorous reliability tests of the AEC-Q100.

SemiDrive’s E3 series products are based on ARM Cortex-R5F, with a functional safety level passing ASIL D, in compliance to AEC-Q100 Grade 1 in terms of temperature level. Its CPU frequency reaches up to 800MHz with 6 CPU cores.

Its excellent product strength allowed the E3 MCU to be applied in many fields already, such as chassis-by-wire, VCU, BMS, ADAS/ autonomous driving, LCD dashboard, HUD, the CMS streaming media system, body domain control, and so on. Up to now, more than 100 companies have adopted the E3 for product design.

Upon delivery of the E3, SemiDrive’s all four processor lineup, namely the X9, the V9, the G9, and the E3, have all been put into mass production, serving 260 clients and over 90% of all automakers in China. 


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